Operation Happy Home Reviews

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to make someone smile with a meaningful gift.



ignitecandleIgnite Your Light Candle Click Here

$15.98|FREE SHIPPING|U.S. Only


Happy Reviews

“Love this candle! It is fun for the kids to point out the positives in our day. Thank you for such an awesome candle.”

“We have small kids so safety is always a priority for us in choosing home decor. We absolutely love this flameless, color changing, kid/family friendly candle.”

“Suppertime is so fun. The kids get excited to see who gets honored every night at dinner now. Thank you!”

“I know our schools try to promote the Character Counts throughout the school year and I love our new candle to further instill these values at home. Thank you!”









Dear Time Candle Click Here

$15.98|FREE SHIPPING|U.S. only

Happy Reviews

“OMG!, This candle made just about makes me cry everytime I read it on the endtable. You are spot on with what parents often wish as the kids grow so fast every year.”

“Love, love, love my newest candle.”

“The perfect gift for sappy moms like me out there.”

“Got this as a gift for my oldest that just went away to college. We just had a good cry on the phone chatting about our fave childhood moments. Thank you for putting this candle out there.”

“I got this for my parents as a I’m thinking of you gift.”













Dear Son/Daughter Candle Click Here

$15.98 each|2 for $26.98| 3 for $35.98

Free Shipping|U.S. Only

Happy Reviews

“In the busy day to day things going on these days, it was fun to send this candle to my daughter away at college.”

“It’s like a letter but better! The candle can become part of any decor as a reminder of a loving relationship with your child.”

“Awesome upgrade to sending a Thinking Of You card!”




Happy Cards


Compliment Cards Click Here

$6.95|Free Shipping|U.S. Only


Happy Reviews

“Positivity can go a long way these days.”

“Our waitress the other night was speechless and teary eyed. This was fun for the kids to do and experience the positives. We plan to refill our cards.”

“What a fun positive vibe to pass out!”

“Love these bits of daily happiness to share.”