Ignite Your Light Candle

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ignitecandleYou can celebrate positive teachable moments in life with our “Ignite Your Light”Candle. The point of this candle is to observe a good character trait in someone’s day and light the candle in their honor at mealtime. This is an excellent way to explain positive character traits and how to achieve them in daily life. Use this as a spark for goodness and celebrate the little things along your journey. Our candle is “Kid Friendly” because it is a LED flameless candle. This makes it accessible and easy for everyone in the family to grab the candle to celebrate the daily goodness that happens in our journey of life.

What is it made of?

Battery operated LED candles provide the benefits of real candles, without the flames. This color changing, wax like candle is 4 inches tall.. Switch to “on” for a yellow, flickering light or switch to activate for solid or rotating colors. Dazzle the kids while it rotates to 6 different colors. Requires 3 AAA batteries. 

How can we use this candle? 

The label I designed has many character counts traits that we here at our house strive for our kids to understand. Once you recognize a character trait displayed by someone at your house simply light the candle at your mealtime and announce why it’s glowing at your table tonight. Emphasize the importance of these traits and encourage your family members to observe each other so they can light it to honor someone else in the family nightly. It is fun teachable moments of the good character traits for the entire family.  Did someone do well on a speech or test? Light the candle. Did someone show responsibility? Light the candle. Was someone scared to try something but they showed courage? Light up the candle. You get the idea. The reasons are endless. Cue the smiles of pride now!

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Happy Reviews

“Love this candle! It is fun for the kids to point out the positives in our day. Thank you for such an awesome candle.”

“We have small kids so safety is always a priority for us in choosing home decor. We absolutely love this flameless, color changing, kid/family friendly candle.”

“Suppertime is so fun. The kids get excited to see who gets honored every night at dinner now. Thank you!”

“I know our schools try to promote the Character Counts throughout the school year and I love our new candle to further instill these values at home. Thank you!”

” I ordered this for Teacher Appreciation Day for my daughter’s teacher who always goes that extra mile. She loved it! Thank you.”





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