Dear Time Candle

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13620161_1122031141194701_5544751062875454504_n Let’s face it, life is crazy busy these days. We all crave timeouts from the dizzybusy with our families to reconnect. You can use this candle to encourage your family to take it back to the simpler times together. Let the lighting of this candle symbolize a desire for a No Tech Day, or a No Cost/Low Cost Family Fun Day or just simply talk about memories from the past.

What is it made of?

Battery operated LED candles provide the benefits of real candles, without the flames. This color changing, wax like candle is 4 inches tall.. Switch to “on” for a yellow, flickering light or switch to activate for solid or rotating colors. Dazzle the kids while it rotates to 6 different colors. Requires 3 AAA batteries.

How can we use this candle?

The label I designed has many childhood memories that we all hold dear to our hearts as both kids or parents. Emphasize the importance of these memories and encourage your family members to take it back to a simpler time together. It is a fun way to slow things down and enjoy.  Do you miss hanging out as a family without technology? Light the candle. Do you miss camping or hiking as a family? Light the candle. Do you miss family game night?  Light up the candle. You get the idea. So grab your Dear Time Candle to hit your new PAUSE BUTTON in life as a family. Or give it as a gift to someone special to let them know you remember the little things in life.

*Allow 24 hours to process order before shipping. Batteries not included. Residents of Iowa subject to 6% sales tax. All sales final, no returns accepted. Pay Pal submission is receipt of order.


Happy Reviews

“OMG!, This candle made just about makes me cry every time I read it on the endtable. You are spot on with what parents often wish as the kids grow so fast every year.”

“Love, love, love my newest candle.”

“The perfect gift for sappy moms like me out there.”

“Got this as a gift for my oldest that just went away to college. We just had a good cry on the phone chatting about our fave childhood moments. Thank you for putting this candle out there.”

“I got this for my parents as a I’m thinking of you gift.”

“Awesome keepsake gift to give the kids to let them know what you cherish most.”







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