Dear Kids Candles


Every milestone in the journeys of childhood and parenthood are treasures in our hearts for a lifetime. Consistent family habits easily become enjoyed traditions from year to year. Authentic and involved parenting is a tough job but at the same time it is so rewarding.

What is it made of?

Battery operated LED candles provide the benefits of real candles, without the flames. This color changing, wax like candle is 4 inches tall.. Switch to “on” for a yellow, flickering light or switch to activate for solid or rotating colors. Dazzle the kids while it rotates to 6 different colors. Requires 3 AAA batteries.

How can we use this candle?

Parents can gift this to their sons and daughters as a way of letting them know what they held dear about their personal childhood journey. Kids can gift this to parents to let mom and dad know the little things were the big things after all. Either way it is a win/win to show how much they mean to you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a sappy sap sap so go ahead and gift it to someone special today.



$15.98 each|2 for $26.98 Save 15%| 3 for $35.98 Save 25%

U.S. Only|FREE SHIPPING|If ordering more than one specify the desired combination at check out.

Dear Kids Candles

*Allow 24 hours to process order before shipping. Batteries not included. Residents of Iowa subject to 6% sales tax. All sales final, no returns accepted. Pay Pal submission is receipt of order.

Happy Reviews

“In the busy day to day things going on these days, it was fun to send this candle to my daughter away at college.”

“It’s like a letter but better! The candle can become part of any decor as a reminder of a loving relationship with your child.”

“Awesome upgrade to sending a Thinking Of You Card!”

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