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Meet Tiffany –

 Organizer of Chaos, Manager of Fun & Playologist 

Hi, I am Tiffany, the Founder of Kids Activities Blogs.  I am a Special Education Paraeducator/Academic Mentor/After-School Intervention Program Monitor by day and a dizzybusy mother of 4 amazing kids by night. I have over 20 years experience working with a variety of ages of kids and learning styles. I am also a former homeschooler, homeschool science instructor and  reading tutor.  I have always been an out-of-the-box thinker by nature which has led to a lot of creative discoveries along the way. I especially love the aha moments while helping students or my own kids gain an understanding of something they are struggling with. I love being with my family, photography, graphic image design, and working here on Kids Activities Blogs. I want to support the creative minds among us that inspire parents to get involved with their kids in this journey and show you all that we are not alone in this quest for sanity and solutions.

How the idea began?

I knew right from the start I wanted to be an involved parent. I savored those first moments and experiences with each of my four children. The look of wonder and curiosity in their little faces intrigued me. I remember the first time I introduced my son to the bark of a tree around 8 months old during one of our walks around the neighborhood. We stopped and sat by a tree as he ran his hand over the coarse bark in complete wonder of what it was. I loved those moments.
Through the years as everyone started growing up we decided on a life style change that brought our journey to the homeschooling world. As I prepared a room in our house for our educational needs I admit I was very nervous. The thought of being responsible for their everyday learning was intense but I was up for the challenge. Homeschooling was the highlight of any leap I had taken in motherhood. From the light bulb moments, to the days we reevaluated everything, to the days we changed directions on approach, we took it day by day and it was quite an adventure.
I became known early on as the website go-to-gal.. Friends and acquaintances would refer other moms my direction to see what websites I had come across for particular subjects or activities. I didn’t realize it at the time but an awesome idea would emerge many years later as I found my way through it all. My online adventure started in 2010 and has been ever evolving as I found my way with both the tech and creative sides of running a website.

Meet Christa- Design Consultant/Contributor

contributorimageChrista and I met years ago when she designed one of my first sites. She is not only a creative blogger, life coach, and web design genius but she is also my best friend.  Her personal touch on her bio is coming soon until then you can check out her site by clicking  on her name above.

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